Why PNE, Mission & Vision


Welcome to PNE Institute, LLC

But why PNE?

Brain Based Learning and Development






We are passionate about how the brain learns and develops. As a result, our services represent a blending of three distinct fields:

  1. Psychology and Clinical Mental Health
  2. Neuroscience, and
  3. Education

Blending the three domains, we came up with: PsychoNeuroEducational Institute, LLC

or PNE Institute for short.

Contact us today at Support@PNEinstitute.com


It is the Mission of PsychoNeuroEducational Institute, LLC, also known as PNE Institute, LLC, to provide high quality Professional Training and Development to Mental Health, Education, and Human Services Professionals to improve the life satisfaction, self-determination, self-efficacy, mental wellness, and overall wellbeing of humanity. This mission shall be achieved through In-Service Professional Training and Development; Continuing Education; Public Speaking and Presentations; and Publishing of Related Materials and Media.


The Vision for PNE Institute, LLC is to be a premier International provider of professional training and development for Mental Health, Education, and Human Services Professionals; PsychoNeuroEducational Institute, LLC shall provide high quality, cutting edge Continuing Education and Professional Training and Development services that elevate the knowledge, skills, insight, and efficacy of Trainees to improve quality of life and other critical outcomes of humanity, the ultimate service population.

PNE Institute, LLC

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