Autism, Epigenetics & Hope … Part I

The epigenetic research is coming in fast and strong … bringing a wave of New Hope for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families. We know enough about the quirky differences in the way children’ with Autism behave, think, and learn. But now we also know what causes some…

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Mindfulness Children’s Book Review “I Am Peace”

"I Am Peace" book review

by Dr. Darleen Claire Wodzenski Mindfulness is a powerful tool for children to self-calm, maintain focus, and reduce anxiety. “I Am Peace … A Book of Mindfulness” by Susan Verde is a wonderful tool for children who suffer from anxiety, ADD, ADHD, or have a history of trauma exposure. Young…

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PNE Institute Moving Soon to Bigger Office in Marietta Georgia

The Big Chicken Marietta GA

PNE stands for Psychoneuroeducational. We know that is a mouthful, but it is with a purpose. Our talented practitioners provide a wide spectrum of services ranging from Counseling and Chiropractic Care to Autism Socialization Training and Bootcamp for Parents of Children with RAD or other Disorders of Attachment Development. Our…

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Brain-Based Training for Early Childhood Educators & Care Providers

Brain-Based Teaching and Instruction is the topic of a new teacher training program called "Switched ON Learning"

  PNE Institute, LLC and The Orchard Human Services, Inc. has collaborated to create a new teacher training program called “Switched ON Learning”. Early childhood educators and childcare providers who are certified through Georgia’s Bright from the Start can earn Approved Training hours by taking these courses. Some of the…

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Meet Our Nonprofit Affiliate – Orchard Human Services, Inc.

Orchard Human Services Logo Brief

PNE Institute has collaborated with The Orchard Human Services, Inc., which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, to offer high quality psychoeducational training and services to parents, teachers, and human service workers. “Switched ON Learning” is a teacher and parent training series that promotes brain-based learning and instruction for children. Early…

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